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At "No Script Non Profit," our mission is to inspire positive change in the lives of young individuals caught in challenging circumstances. We recognize that many good kids find themselves in bad situations, and we are determined to break the cycle of prison by offering them a path towards a brighter future.

The heart of our organization is the "Awake Program," a dynamic initiative designed to empower and educate young people through a unique blend of life skills and fitness classes. This program operates under the umbrella of "No Script Non Profit" and embodies our core belief that altering the mindset can reshape the trajectory of one's life.



The "Awake Program" consists of two key components: 1.Life Skills Class - 7 weeks. 
This course is meticulously crafted based on the personal experiences and journey of our CEO and founder, Brandon Johnson. Having risen from poverty and faced the challenges of incarceration, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. The life skills curriculum covers specific topics and discussions that aim to equip young individuals with the tools they need to navigate life's hurdles. These seven weeks are a transformative journey, instilling hope and motivation, regardless of the circumstances one may face.


The "Awake Program" consists of two key components:
2. Fitness Class:
Physical well-being is a crucial aspect of personal development. Our fitness classes are designed to promote health, discipline, and teamwork. Through exercise, participants learn the value of perseverance and goal setting, fostering resilience that transcends the gym and extends into all aspects of life. By exposing young individuals to enriching experiences and providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we believe that we can redefine their futures.

our purpose

At "No Script Non Profit" and through the "Awake Program," our ultimate goal is clear: If we change the minds of today's youth, we can change the course of their futures, steering them away from the cycle of incarceration and towards a path of greatness, no matter the obstacles they face.

virtual series

Join us for our transformative virtual series, a vital component of the Awake Virtual Program. This innovative initiative serves as our bridge to connect with young minds all across the country. Led by the inspiring Brandon Johnson, these sessions are designed to mentor and empower kids in the areas of leadership and public speaking. It's our way of reaching those who need guidance and support, no matter where they are.
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